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Formula 500
RTS Suzuki GSXR 600 engine Engler Mechanical fuel injection All parts on car approx 4-5 ...
$15,000 (AUD)
V8 Dirt Modified
High Bar Chrome Moly Brad Marr Chassis ex Pezzutti Modified will sell ...
$20,000 (AUD)
Hyper F500 + Enclosed trailer +Spares
Hyper Formula 500 plus enclosed trailer and plenty of spares. Everything you ...
$20,000 (AUD)
Western Australia
Competitive Spike Midget
Race Ready Spike Midget. This car currently holds the 1 lap record ...
$38,900 (AUD)
New South Wales
Farrell formula 500
Momo Suzuki Engine with Engler Fuel Injection. CSI adjustable shocks. Huge amount ...
$25,000 (AUD)
Western Australia
Spike Esslinger
Spike Esslinger 161CU Awesome car and motor package like new. Car last stripped 2014 ...
$30,000 (AUD)
Northern Territory