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Our Services

67" Race Ramp XT Two-piece Race Ramp XTs are ideal for low ground clearance vehicles with tyres up to 12” wide. With an incline of only 10.75°, they raise the car up 10” and hold up to approx 1360kg per set while weighing around 7kg each$640
56” Race Ramps 2 Piece Ideal for low ground clearance vehicles with tyres up to 10” wide. With an incline of 10.75°, they lift the car up 8” and hold up to approximately 1360kg weighing only 10 pounds per ramp.$467
Sport Ramps are ideal owners of small sports cars that don’t have 12” wide tyres for low front ends, but who still want all of the Race Ramps features. Ideal for most small sports cars, with tyres up to 8” wide and will raise the car up 7”.$296
56" XTenders Nest on to your one or two-piece 56” Race Ramps, giving you an approach angle of only 6.8° for use with vehicles really low to the ground.$259
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