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$75,000 (AUD)
Comes in excellent condition, with a rare RB26 Nissan GTR twin turbo motor, gearbox and brakes, but also a Datsun L6 series single OHC motor, twin carbies and 5 speed close ratio gearbox setup. The car has been restored, and everything has been done with the best quality parts, no shortcuts. Nissan Japan in 1970 released a limited edition Nissan Fairlady Z432. This was equipped with the twin cam 2.0 L inline six-cylinder "S20" engine shared with the KPGC10 Skyline GT-R. The 432 designation refe....+ morerred to the 4 valves/cylinder, the 3 carbies and the two overhead camshafts of the engine. Likewise, this car for sale, one of probably only a handful in Australia, has been built by the owner as a Fairlady Z422, utilising again the Skyline GTR (Godzilla) engine, in this case 4 valves/cylinder, 2 turbos and the two overhead camshafts. Coming with both drive trains, you have a choice - more modern smooth, powerful quiet GTR engine and gearbox, or the original and great Datsun motor and gearbox of the period, for those who want original. This car has been a long term project of love and care over the last 10 years, the owner now 66 years old. The car has never been raced or abused, in fact it has hardly been driven, the engine would be lucky to have done 250kms since the complete rebuild. The engine has been built with all the best available Japanese parts, but uprated from standard to basically bullet proof steel components, as would be used in the most expensive race engine build. Whilst the car presents externally and internally as a beautiful untainted example of the original marque, the cars wheels, suspension, engine, gearbox, brakes, cooling, seats, gauges and controls have been tastefully upgraded to allow a comfortable, economical yet responsive drive. All the standard original components are available, and able to be put back, but I think most people will be very impressed with the original look yet superior every day car that it is. Please call to discuss.
Vehicle Location:Bunbury
VIN/Engine Number:TBA
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Name:Mike Rowe
Day Time Phone:0417943522
Night Time Phone:0417943522
State:Western Australia