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Published at 9/19/2022

The S5000’s inaugural Open Test Day at the bend will include a range of technical upgrades being trialed on three dedicated development cars, commencing on September 20 at The Bend.

The upgrade packages, developed by series Technical Partners, Garry Rogers Motorsport, will include several evolutionary additions to the Rogers AF01/V8 platform that was first introduced in 2019.

After receiving feedback from a host of S5000 competitors, such as the high-profile figures of Rubens Barrichello, Alex Davison, James Davison, James Golding, and Joey Mawson; as well as having feedback form competitors throughout the 2022 Gold Star Season.

The changes that are being evaluated at the testing day, will be to both the cars, and the control Hoosier Tyre.

The inclusion of a push-to-pass function will be assessed for the first time, making it the highlight to the development process.

The system will be programmed into the cars existing ECU and will be operated via the drive by wire throttle system. Once the system is activated, there will be additional throttle to be accessed.

Until the driver lifts the throttle, the system will remain active, With the numbers of activations per race to be looked at in the future.

Hoosier will test new compound and construction tyres at The Bend: Jack Martin Photography

If the testing is successful, the changes will be implemented for the beginning of the up-and-coming Trans-Tasman series, which is due to start on October 29-30 in the Surfers Paradise, before heading to Bathurst and the Adelaide 500.

As well as the push-to-pass function, an upgraded damper package will be tested, improved rear vision mirrors, a new rear wheel rim specification, minor adjustments to the exhaust, accelerator pedal, and developments to both the front and rear suspensions.

New tyre compounds and constructions from control Tyre supplier, Hoosier, will also be tested with an eye to the 2023 season, whilst the Trans Tasman series will be contested with the current Hoosier tyre. 

After the testing at The Bend, the final sign-off on the 2023 tyre specification will be completed following a two-day test at Phillip Island later in September.

The testing will coincide with the categories inaugural open test day, in which four teams will provide a selected number of pilots the chance to test the ‘Big Bangers’ at speed, as well as receive coaching from current competitors.

Versa Motorsport, Garry Rogers Motorsport, Team BRM and Tim Macrow Racing, have provided the fleet of S5000 machinery that will be sampled across a full day of on-track training in the south Australian circuit.

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